Laser Tag

Join the excitement at Planet Laser!

From children’s birthdays to a corporate team building event – Planet Laser is perfect for all occasions!


1 Game – $9.00*
2 Games – $17.00*
3 Games – $20.00pp*
Unlimited Play:
(Fridays & Saturdays 9pm- Midnight) for $25.00pp

Tuesdays Special: – $4.50*

* Plus Applicable Taxes


12:00 am – 3:00 am
Pizza & pop included
Minimum 25 people
$35.00 per Guest, Minimum 25 Guests

Laser Tag is an unbelievable indoor adventure, thoroughly enjoyable and adrenaline pumping. Book your Laser experience today.

The Atmosphere

The Atmosphere

Step right into the realms of a real-life video game! Planet Laser is one of the most advanced laser game entertainment system. The game area features multiple levels, ramps, visible laser beams & is bursting with fun and adventure!

The Player

The Player

Planet Laser is perfect for both small and large groups.
The game is suitable for those ages five and up, the arena can host over 36 players and up to eight teams can play at one time! Planet Laser is the place to be for families, group, and corporate outings.

The Gear

The Gear

All our gear is one-size-fits-all and has a unique code name so that you can identify, and be identified by your team mates.


Your Objective

Your mission is to score points for yourself and your team by tagging/deactivating the opposite team players, as well as their bases. Scores are then tallied, printed, and delivered to you itemizing your accuracy, rank, and activity detail. The team with the highest score WINS!