All Birthday Packages Include:

  • Parties are 2 hours. You will have exclusive use of a decorated party room for the entire time!
  • 2 games of laser tag (15-20min per game)
  • Supplies (Large and small plates, Napkins, Forks, Knives, Cups)
  • Printed Invitations
  • (Credit for arcade are NOT included)
$21.00per player *

( Only for weekdays / Monday - Thursday )

  • Minimum of 8 guests
  • 2 missions of Laser Tag
  • 2 Hours
$28.00per player *
  • Minimum of 8 guests
  • 2 missions of Laser Tag
  • Pizza (Pepperoni or Cheese) 1 XL pizza for every 6 guests
  • Drinks (Pop, Bottled Water, or Drinking Boxes) 1 per guest.
  • 2 Hours
  • Designated Host to assist in the party room
$35.00per player *
  • Minimum of 12 guests
  • 2 missions of Laser Tag
  • Pizza (Pepperoni or Cheese) 1 XL pizza for every 6 guests
  • Drinks (Pop, Bottled Water, or Drinking Boxes) 1 per guest.
  • Personalized Chocolate or Vanilla Birthday Cake
  • Loot Bags
  • 2 Hours
  • Designated Host to assist in the party room

* Weekend pricing

Add loot bags to the Basic or Supreme Packages for $5.00pp

Download our invitations!

Birthday Parties Oakville: The Best Bashes In Town!

Children love to celebrate their birthdays for several reasons:

  1.  They love to connect with new friends.
  2. They want to show how cool they are.
  3. They want to acknowledge their birth in this world.

Such reasons show the importance of a birthday celebration. That is why the beautiful suburban area of Oakville loves throwing parties for their friends and family members. But people want birthday parties Oakville to be unique, don’t they? That is where Planet Laser comes to save the day for you!
Our kids birthday party locations are some of the most enchanting places where you are bound to enjoy.

Here’s why:

We invested in an electrifying platform comprising a laser tag arena, redemption, and arcade games for kids and adults. Unlike regular birthday parties, we aim to give you a place of your own where you can enjoy with your friends and family members participating in the various activities. With Planet Laser’s thrilling setup, you are going to experience the best time of your life, unlike other Oakville birthday party places.

What Do We Offer You At Planet Laser’s Birthday Parties Oakville?

To suit the requirements of all our customers, we have created various birthday bash packages. We divide these packages into three types: Basic, Supreme, and Ultimate.

Depending upon the number of guests and other needs, we give you the best deals possible. For all our packages, we offer you the following perks:

  1. 2 Missions for Laser Tag game;
  2. Use of our decorated room for a party for 2 hours exclusively;
  3. A personal hostess to manage everything for you and your guests;
  4. Utensils, napkins, etc.;
  5. Custom invites for your guests;

Planet Laser offers its exclusive package deals with additional benefits. For instance, you can avail special discounts if you have a large group of guests to attend the birthday party. Besides the games mentioned above, our birthday parties for kids also include loot bags containing various goodies loved by all. Furthermore, we have included discounted price deals for specific days. You can check out our arena timings and the listed prices for each party guest who will indulge in a game of laser tag.

Birthdays come and go, but memorable birthdays tend to stay in memories all life. Planet Laser gives you one of the best Oakville birthday party places for enjoying as much as you like. Just enroll in one of our laser tag arenas with your friends and family this birthday and see the difference in enjoyment.

Advantages of booking a party on a weekday:

    1. Your party is exclusive, you’re group will play laser tag on their own! Do not need to pay more for exclusive pay Mon thru Thursday.
    2. If time allows, you can add a 3rd game of laser tag to any package for just $4.50pp
    3. If timing allow, you can stay longer in the party room.
    4. You save money!